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Afshan Ali


My name is Syeda Afshan Ali; I was born in Karachi on October 19, 1989. When I was 10 years old I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Yes I remember, when I was diagnosed with the condition I had symptoms of hyperglycemia such as excessive urination, polydipsia and polyphagia.

My school and college life was very good, in fact excellent. I controlled my diabetes with the help of insulin and life style modification. I never faced any problem because of diabetes. My parents, siblings and relatives have always been very supportive and kind.

I have a lot of plans for my future. I will do something in the field of Medicine. I want to educate people with diabetes through my experience and knowledge.

Being a diabetic, I am doing Diploma in Diabetes Education (DDE) and also continuing my job. I am proud to say that I am a young active student and also an active mother.

I have a message for all the people with diabetes; always do your best. Type 1 diabetes is not a disease. It is a way of life, accept it, cherish it and first and foremost learn about it.


Asia Zahid


Hi my name is Asia Zahid, born in Karachi in June 1989 and now 23 years old. I was in grade 5 when I remember I used to urinate frequently and feel extremely thirsty, I was gradually becoming weak and felt tired a lot. After some tests, I was diagnosed with diabetes type-1 in my school clinic.

At school, everyone loved me. My class fellows were always very supportive although insulin injections seemed strange to them. I never felt a change in their behaviour because of my condition. At home, my family was always by my side taking “unnecessary extra care of me”. When my relatives found out they were a bit shocked but after my parents told them about diabetes type-1 they loved me even more!

I used to play all the sports I could play, At home or at school wherever I got the chance, nobody could stop me from having fun! I took part in all activities “normal” people take part in. I wanted to be a doctor but gave up that dream because of social reasons, not my diabetes.

I would like to tell my fellow diabetics that face this condition with courage. Insulin is on your side and it’s easy to control blood sugar levels. Remember diabetes will live with you for life; It’s better to get used to it than to fight it.

Farah Shahzad


I am Farah Shahzad and I was born in Karachi on April 02, 1997. I am thirteen years old now, and have had diabetes since the age of 6. I used to have difficulties in breathing, headache, a dry throat and pain in my knees. I used to have dizzy episodes and I had no idea what was happening to me.

When I found out about my diabetes-I, I was all right but did get bouts of anxiety on and off. But with counseling and support of my family, I accepted the motto, “Insulin my life!" and have had no troubles since. I have come to terms with my diabetes, and so have my family and school friends. Diabetes did change my life to some extent but I try to be active, energetic, cheerful, and full of beans. Apart from the needles, I need to constantly check my blood glucose levels. But whenever I would be down, my family would cheers me up, especially my brothers. They never let me feel that I had such a condition.

At school, I refrain from activities which required me to run. But I make one hell of a debater, the whole school being my witness. I want to study and become a doctor one day, and help humanity. Also, I keep up to the aspirations of the future and want to help people to understand diabetes better. We all should understand that we are not diabetics, we are PEOPLE with diabetes! Isn’t it awesome?

I am in no way disheartened but it was diabetes which has taught me to be tougher, stronger and brave. Insulin gave me a new lease on life, and the confidence I needed to live as normally as any other person. I have learnt that there’s no problem one cannot face. Like a song goes, “Ain’t no mountain high enough, Ain’t no river wide enough”, it is just the power to live and the strength to survive which has helped me climb the mountain and cross the river.

Fauzia Khurram


I’m Fauzia Khurram from Karachi and I want to tell you about my experience with type-1 diabetes.

In the year 1988, when I was only 9 years old, I experienced fainting and severe vomiting. My mother took me to the hospital and came to know that this is because of diabetes. I was kept in the I.C.U for a month for monitoring and then was let go.

I left my previous school because the teachers did not agree to keep me in their class with this medical condition. I faced great hurdles in my studies. So my parents taught me everything at home and it was their love for me because of which they did this.

It was a great shock for my family because I was very young at the time and it’s generally believed diabetes only occurs in older people. But my family and my siblings supported me morally and encouraged me to lead a normal life. Currently, I am happily married with 3 cute children and a loving husband, living a life better than many “normal” people. I have done numerous diploma courses of stitching, tailoring and I am also a beautician.

I want to give a message to all those people who are suffering from diabetes type-1 that they should never lose hope and never feel that they are different from others. We have a right to lead normal healthy lives. I never did nor will I ever give up on myself. All one has to do is follow the doctors advice with care and never ignore insulin. Because Insulin is my life!!

Hafsa Saboor


I am Hafsa Saboor, 24 years old, born in Karachi on 21st October 1988. I came to know about my diabetes in 2006 when I was 18 years old. I experienced sudden loss or gain in weight, and I had mood swings, mostly of anger after which my family consulted with my doctor.

At that particular time, after being diagnosed with diabetes, I used to sit alone and did not talk to anybody. I used to be scared, my feet would hurt, and I would be cranky, bored and lonesome. I did not like sitting with people because in my mind I was the odd one out. I felt as if my life was shattering before my eyes.

With time, by the help of my family, I realized that diabetes is under my control as I had the power of insulin. But still my classmates did not know nor should I want them to know about it mainly because in our society, those with diabetes-I are thought of as strange and atypical. So I never told anybody as I did not want anyone to pity me nor I wanted to gain sympathy from any one.

With proper management, my glucose levels are under control and I participate as fully as I possible can, in everything and anything! I spend a lot of fun time with my friends and family, just as a normal person. Now I am a housewife and want to spend my married life happily.

I want people to be aware, to know that with good guidance, high self admiration, self belief, timely medication, and monitoring, it is possible for us, for people with type-1 diabetes, to live happy, profound and fulfilling lives! Diabetes type-1 has changed my life for the better as now I live a healthier life.

To conclude, I’d like to say that it is upto me, and my strength and will to live happily ever after. Do not take diabetes as a burden. I control diabetes, and diabetes does not control me!

Hesmal Adamjee


My name is Hesmal and I am 7 years old. Some time ago, I used to feel something was wrong with me. I was tired always and very thirsty. My parents took me to the doctor and after tests they told me I had type-1 diabetes. I was 5 years old then.

I don’t remember much myself but my parents were way more worried than I was. School was normal and my friends supported me a lot. My parents and my brother always helped me. Other relatives were also worried but treated me as if nothing happened. I did not notice much difference in my social life, maybe because I am too young to notice.

With insulin, I think I am fine and nothing is wrong with me. But the problem is that people don’t know anything about type-1 diabetes. They think it’s deadly, but I want everyone to know that this condition is controllable with proper guidance. I think this is something from Allah and one must keep faith and be patient.

Diabetes does not destroy any dreams. I get the first position in my class and one day I want to be a doctor inshAllah.


Mariam Habib


My name is Mariam Habib and I am living with diabetes type-1. I am thirteen years old, born on 10th January, 1999 in Karachi, Pakistan.

16th October 2007, this was the day I found out that I had diabetes when I was just 8 years old. I remember that I urinated frequently, especially at night while bedwetting was a problem too sometimes. I used to feel tired and dizzy at school as well. But when I found out, I became stubborn and just did not care. I was irritated easily and well had become frustrating at my house. I soon realized that it was me who had to control my sugar levels, and with the support of my family and school mates, I did just that.

I controlled my diabetes with Insulin and never felt hurdles in my life after that. I am an active student at school, take part in extracurricular activities and competitions. I take my studies seriously and watch TV in my leisure time.

I want to be a doctor when I’ll grow up, and to help fellow diabetics with the “Insulin-My life” program. I want to spread awareness and remove the idiotic, sometimes laughable misconceptions that, people have about type-1 diabetes.

People say diabetes will remain with me for the rest of my life. But I laugh in their faces because I have left diabetes behind me, taken the word out of my dictionary as I should say. I have never, and will never let diabetes interfere with my life. I want to move forward, and with hard work and dedication, I will achieve my goals one day In-Shaa-Allah.

Sadaf Farooqi


I’m Sadaf Farooqi and have been a patient of diabetes type-1 since 1992. I was born in Karachi on 28th May, 1978. I was about 14 years old when I started feeling the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. I had sudden weight loss, had lost my appetite but my drinking and thirst had increased quite a lot. These are the tell tale signs of diabetes and I was subsequently diagnosed.

I accepted diabetes quite easily, positively as one could say. I realized that this was to stay and I had to deal with it. It wasn’t just something I could brush under the carpet. My life did change but my family never let me feel any different. It was their support, encouragement and empathy which helped me accept this challenge. Although sometimes, I’ve had severe hypo’s too but I did not allow this condition to defeat me. Currently, I do the everyday chores of the house just as any other family member would do. I am living a happy satisfying life.

I want to create awareness to all type 1 people to know that diabetes type-1 is something that can be dealt with, with quite ease. I was able to control it because I knew I can do it. With such conditions, it is important that one has a firm self belief and attitude. I feel that just like me, every other fellow type 1 diabetic can have a happily ever after. Its just a matter of being positive!


Sana Danish


My name is Sana Danish, born in Karachi in 1982. I was diagnosed with diabetes type-1 when I was 24. I am now 30 years old.

My health used to remain unstable. I knew something was wrong but could not lay my finger on it. Once I was taken to the hospital when I was feeling really bad in an emergency. After some burdensome tests and really painful days in the hospital, I came to know; I was a patient of diabetes. I felt extremely unusual, lost and confused. Even felt a bit of sorrow.

My life changed after that day. Though people around me were very supportive, but I myself took some time to be aware with this new term I was labeled with; “a diabetic”. My family gave me lots of encouragement, and my faith in Allah helped me overcome this initial fear and confusion.

I teach at a local school and diabetes in no way affects my job. In fact keeping a check on my blood glucose levels has helped me not only to control my “diabetes” but also has helped me live a more enriching life with adequate exercise and a balanced diet.

I never took diabetes as a burden because I feel that such things are from Allah and it’s His way of testing our spirits. To those out there struggling to deal with their problem, I’d like to say; never take this as a burden or a problem. Instead, focus on the treatment and alter your life in such a way, that diabetes cannot mess anything up. Never pity yourself, nor should you let others to do so. Keep hope because if you lose hope, diabetes will win and you can never let that happen. Remember, not to ever skip a dose of insulin, because Insulin is my life!.

Shaikh Waqar Ahmed


My name is Shaikh Waqar Ahmed. I am 21 years old, was born in Karachi on the 22nd of October, 1991. I spent my childhood as an energetic hyper-active child but as I turned 18, I felt my energy levels go down. I felt weak and suddenly started to lose weight. I got tired easily too. It was then that I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE).

I am honestly saying; I did not take diabetes lightly. I was surprised, broken and completely shattered. I was shocked, even cried at some times. This was mostly because of the misconceptions I had learnt from society thoughts. My friends acted normal. So did my family. They helped me understand that this condition is under my control and that I am its master.

They helped me with control my blood sugar levels, and my insulin dosing. But one thing they did was take away my favorite food stuff, SWEETS. But diabetes did nothing other than that to change my life. I still remained hyper active, and took part in all extra-curricular activities at college. One good thing that happens was that my math improved, having to calculate my calories, carbohydrates and measuring blood glucose levels!

These days I am living a content life. The only way I survived was because of my family and the positive attitude I soon developed. Once I accepted it mentally, nothing got in my way. I want to be a successful Banker one day. I want people to know that diabetes is not a disease but a condition one can easily take control of. I would advise others to follow the doctors’ advice, go for routine checkups, and to never miss their insulin doses. Because Insulin is my life!


Sumair Sufyan

Hi all,

My name is Sumair Sufyan, and was born in Karachi on 7th February, 1993. Currently studying in grade 11, I have had diabetes for the past 13 years.

Being diagnosed at such a young age of 5 years old, I don’t really remember life without diabetes. I used to be extremely thirsty, and had to urinate quite frequently. My doctor upon listening to my symptoms sent me to Baqai Hospital, where it was Dr. Yakoob Ahmadani who diagnosed me with type-1 diabetes after checking my blood glucose levels. As obvious as families are, mine became extremely worried about me after finding out that I would need Insulin injections all my life! But it was my doctor Dr. Asher Fawwad and my family, especially my grandfather, mother and uncle who took great care of me as I was too young to take care of myself. In the beginning, I was troubled too but slowly and gradually, I became used to with this lifestyle.

I was the star of my family’s eye. I studied at St. Paul’s High School and everyone there knew of my condition but they looked out for me, and helped my spirits soar! At school or at home, I took part in all activities possible, be it playing cricket, driving car, travelling and hiking or class picnics, exactly like “normal people”. My brothers and sisters were too helpful and supportive for managing my diabetes.

I dream of being a Chartered Accountant one day. I am as healthy and powerful and as young and energetic as I will ever be. I want to travel the world too and with insulin by my side, there’s nothing stopping me! I have never complained my diabetes as a burden and accepted it with open mind as my family had always tried to increase my morale with believe on myself and that I can spend my life normally and actively.

I want to aware people with type 1 diabetes about their self management and control their diabetes throughout their lives and in this regard, I will do what I can do.

Lastly, I want to tell my fellow diabetics, that it is very important to follow the doctors’ advice very strictly, do not be scared of insulin and to never feel that you are anyone less than a healthy human being. Diabetes type-1 is not a disease. It’s a way of life. So accept it, learn it, cherish it and first and foremost, enjoy it!


Syed Safeer Ali


I am Syed Safeer Ali and I am 14 years old. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and have been recently diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. I had the same problems like other type-1 diabetics. I had to go to the washroom many times in school. I felt tired when playing sports and drank lots of water!

After my diagnosis, my routine is the same as it was before diabetes. I did not change my lifestyle because my parents and siblings provided me with good moral support. Relatives on the other hand gave different comments regarding diabetes but I never gave them any importance

I love football and in the evening I regularly play football in the park with my friends. I try to enjoy with my friends and family members as much as I can. I am studying in class 7 and one day will be an engineer inshAllah!

I want to tell people to fight diabetes type-1 with diabetes and always try to maintain a lifestyle similar to other children. I never felt any difference after my insulin treatment, and diabetes will in no way affect my success or my achievements. Lastly, patients of diabetes type-1 should be patient and always be thankful to the Merciful Allah for everything else He has given them.
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